Passenger Charter

Helicopters offer great flexibility because of their ability to take off and land in areas with limited infrastructure such as roads and airstrips.

In many major cities, population has overtaken the infrastructure to where traffic congestion is the order of the day. Everett Aviation helicopters can take you above all the traffic and provide fast, secure transit to your destination and back to the airport for your departure, avoiding traffic and saving valuable time.

Everett Aviation ferried delegates to a high level conference at Safari Park Hotel in Nairobi

Everett Aviation offers discreet and professional services to all clients no matter what their requirements might be.


Heli shuttle services from Dar Es Salaam International Airport to the Holiday Inn Hotel roof top. 

A helicopter flight is a great gift for people of all ages for any of life’s events. It makes a wonderful birthday gift, a romantic getaway for a lovely couple, a brilliant entrance for newly weds and a flashy statement for celebrities. Every occasion is handled with the professionalism we pride ourselves in. We strive to make you day as special as you envision it to be.