Airbus AS365N2 Aircraft Profile

Everett Aviation has an offshore Airbus AS365N2 Dauphin in their fleet of helicopters. Offshore specific role equipment includes: Dual roof mounted life rafts, 3 x 406Mhz ELTs, HEELS, HUMS, CVR, HF, SAR GPS, Underwater locator beacon, SAR radar, pop out rear windows, floats. The helicopter can also be equipped with a cargo hook and a rescue hoist.

Airbus AS365N2 SPECS:
Engines: 2 Turbomeca Arriel 1C2
Max continuous power: 632 SHP, 471 KW x 2

Pilot(s): 1 or 2
Passengers: 11

Pilot(s): 1 or 2
Stretcher patients: 2 and 4 medical seats

Maximum gross weight: 4,250 kg
Maximum load on cargo sling 1,600 kg

Planning cruise at Max weight 130 kt

Endurance at 3000ft at +30C
With standard tanks: 3.6 hours
With auxiliary tanks: 5.0 hours
Max Range, no reserve: 420NM