Airbus BK117C1 Aircraft Profile

The Airbus BK117C1 is a twin engine helicopter whose rugged but sleek design and large cabin interior provides mission versatility without sacrificing comfort.

It is one of the world's leading Medevac and Search & Rescue helicopters. Besides its low vibration level in flight, the Airbus BK117C1 provides easy loading and unloading of stretcher patients using 2 large rear clamshell doors.

Everett Aviation operates several Airbus BK117 helicopters, some of the aircraft are IFR certified with 3 axis coupled autopilot and other advanced capabilities such as full NVG cockpit, cargo hook, FLIR and "SX16" night sun. For added safety the helicopter has a flight data recorder and GPS based tracking system.

Airbus BK117C1 SPECS:
Engines: 2 Turbomeca Arriel 1E2
Max continuous power: 692 SHP x 2, 519 KW

Pilot(s): 1
Passengers: 7 (VIP) or 9 (high density configuration)

Pilot(s): 1 or 2
1 Stretcher patient, 4 attendants
2 Stretcher patients, 2 attendants

Maximum gross weight: 3,350 kg
Maximum load on cargo sling: 1,500 kg
Planning cruise speed at Max weight 120 kt

Max. endurance at Max weight(no reserve): 2.5 hours
Max Range, no reserve 300 NM